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Ceiling fans make a home more comfortable while enhancing its décor. At the Ceiling Fan Squad, we offer unrivaled ceiling fan installation and repair services, including upgrades of lights to existing ceiling fans. With just one quick call to the Ceiling Fan Squad, you can surely forget dealing with complex electrical wiring and the stress of climbing a ladder with a delicate or heavy ceiling fan. There is no need to risk doing it yourself when you have professionals like us on call any day. You should leave the job to our skilled professional while you get on with your daily activities.

There are multiple reasons why you should install ceiling fans, either in commercial or residential buildings. These include:

  • Saving energy while increasing comfort during summer: During summer, the weather is hot. Ceiling fans come in handy to create a very cool breeze, making everyone nearby the fan feel cooler. Ceiling fans are also beneficial in that they keep conditioned and cool air circulating such that a room does not become stale or damp.
  • Saving energy in winter: Ceiling fans are also beneficial in reducing energy costs during summer. Hot air usually rises and collects close to the ceiling of a room. Ceiling fans, when set in reverse, are efficient in using the heated air around the ceiling, pushing it downwards, thereby saving on energy use to heat up a room.
  • Lighting up a room: Many ceiling fans come with overhead lighting for extra lighting. If your existing ceiling fan installation lacks lighting, we can always upgrade it with an exquisite lighting kit.
  • Useful for outdoors and indoors: In most cases, fans are used indoors. There are fans specially made for outdoor use and we can ensure that your backyard parties are more comfortable and enjoyable once we install them for you.
  • Decoration: Ceiling fans come in many unique designs to complement the décor in your bedrooms, office, living room, dining room, kitchen, and any other large parts of your home. You can easily find any combination of features, blade material, finish, the number of blades, and lighting styles of ceiling fans. We ensure that we install your desired ceiling fan in such a way that showcases the ceiling detail to draw attention.

Why Call on The Ceiling Fan Squad?

There are multiple reasons why you should call on us for ceiling fan installation and repair services. Our benefits include:



  • We have licensed electricians: Our fan installation and repair personnel are highly trained electrical professionals. Their work backgrounds are always checked. We are insured to offer commercial and residential fan installation and repair services.
  • Reliability: Our services are professional, friendly, and prompt to ensure that we offer you the best value of your money.
  • Attention to detail: We ensure that ceiling fans are installed without a telltale gap. And the fan blades are well balanced for quiet operation and efficiency.
  • Guaranteed results: Our professionalism ensures that we deliver top-notch installation and repair services.
  • We are always dedicated to energy efficiency and safety.

Upon ceiling fan installation or repair services, we can always inspect already installed fans if applicable for any problems. For superior fan installation and repair services, call the Ceiling Fan Squad and arrange for an appointment today.

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